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Edo grow by the Group of Friends of Dongguan Chi Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd. developed from a set of plastic pipe, metal products, plastic injection molding, integrated electronic design, design, production
Dongguan celebrate Edo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd successful on-line
Application of plastic pipes Zhu a feed product structure of various types of plastic pipe, application development trends and domestic and foreign countries for the application
Application of Plastic Pipes
Reading Corner ~ ~ kind of plastic mold steel selection and thin Xintao (Baosteel Group Shanghai No.5 Steel Co. Forge) This paper describes a plastic mold steel performance requirements and carburizing,
Plastic mold steel type and select
Core Tip: After the hole as the material damage, the slurry is prestressed concrete structures prestressed steel last protective barrier. Plastic corrugated pipe is a new pore-forming material
Describes the advantages of corrugated plastic pipe
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